Since 1980, La Raza Lawyers Association of Fresno (LRLA) has awarded scholarships to deserving law students who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership ability, involvement in the Latino community, financial need, and ties to California’s Central Valley.  Since 1991, the LRLA scholarships have been awarded in memory of the Honorable Superior Court Judge Mario G. Olmos, a Fresno County jurist and respected community leader who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 1990 at the age of 43.  Judge Olmos epitomized the ideals of honor, courage, leadership, and public service through his achievements as a student, volunteer, lawyer and judge. The names of the 2020 scholarship recipients will be announced at an annual banquet that serves to honor the memory of Judge Olmos, which will be held on Friday April 24, 2020. 

Each Year The Central Valley Chapter of La Raza Lawyers Association (LRLA) sponsors a golf tournament to raise money for worthy causes and to have fun.  In 2007 the tournament was named the Cajiga/Dominguez Memorial Golf Tournament to honor the memory of two distinguished colleagues, Elvira Dominguez and George Cajiga, who passed away in 2006. In 2004 George was appointed the Public Defender of Fresno County. Elvira worked in the Fresno County Public Defender’s Office representing indigent defendants.

In 2013 the name of the Tournament was changed to the Memorial Scholarship Tournament to honor the memory of all former LRLA members who have passed on.